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We highly recommend making arrangements to pick your puppy up or meet us at the airport.  If you are unable to pick them up at our home, we will make every effort to personally deliver to you either by person or by pet nanny.  This will be an additional cost to your purchase price.  Normally the cost to deliver is $400.00 to most states.

I will be more than happy to meet you at the Springfield/Branson airport or if you would like to come out to pick out your puppy, I can have you picked up at the Springfield/Branson airport and bring you out to my home. 

I feel the safety of the puppy is the most important thing so I do not alter from these arrangements and I do not allow clients to book the flights or book ground transporting unless they hire a person to pick the puppy at my home.
When shipping by Pet Nanny, myself or one of my partners, Jackie or Wayne will fly with the puppy on board the plane.   The cost to do this is the price of the round trip ticket and an additional charge of $200.00  Normally around $600.00  When we are flying with the puppy to meet you, it is important that you be at the airport prior to us arriving.  We will either meet you at the security check in at the airport or the baggage area.  I do understand that this is a higher cost to get your puppy to you.  At this time there is no airline that will ship a bulldog puppy as cargo. Some times we can ship by ground transportation with only a couple companies of my choice.

I do have some very reliable ground shippers and use them if needed.  

Please be aware that there are things that can delay the delivery just in any case, such as temperatures restrictions, weather.  Please be understanding that we can not at times control this. 

Thank you! 



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