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I thought I would update you on Ryder. He is the best dog. I take him everywhere I am allowed. Unfortunately I haven't been to a show yet since every show close and conflicted with my children's showing 4-H animals. I am hoping after state fair that I will finally be able to take him to some shows. Here are a few pictures of him. I would love to be put on a waiting list for a female that isn't closely related to him. I prefer a red merle or blue merle. I also would like one that would get to 13" at least.  

 Thanks so much for breeding such wonderful dogs.

 Heather Perkins

JULY 2019



I just wanted to send you an update on Nate. We brought him home in November 2018, his birthday is July 17! He has brought so much joy and love to our home. He is very well behaved and is loved by all 6 in our family. He is so playful and funny. He doesn't like the bath tub but loves the kids swimming pool! Our vet always comments on how well bred he is and how much she loves his stature. I'm attaching a few pictures.



JULY 2019

Diana just wanted to send you an update on Tank “Drew” . He’s been an absolute blessing to our family! He loves all three of our boys and boy do they love him. He is absolutely spoiled rotten!!! He loves the air conditioning vents lol he lays on them all the time. He’s very well behaved and is such an absolute sweet heart. Thanks so much for blessing us with him!!! Here is a picture of him from last night and boy is he a big boy!!!   JULY 2019


Aurora is almost 5 months now she just got fixed and is back home.  She loves it here and we love her.  The vet says she is one of the healthiest Bulldogs she has seen.  She currently weighs about 24 pounds.  Again thank you for a healthy dog and I will refer anyone I know to you if they want a bulldog.  JULY 2019

Good Afternoon Diana,


I hope all is well. We wanted to touch base to share with you that Royce has been an absolute joy and has changed our lives for the better. He is 9 months now and has an amazing personality and temperament. Thank you again for answering all of our questions and helping us to feel comfortable throughout the transaction. We know that we made the right choice.


Here’s a pic of our little/big guy in his bed (that he frequently turns sideways 😊).





FEB 2019 

Good Morning,
It's almost Butchies birthday, and I wanted to update you on him.
He is doing well and he's such a happy, obedient dog.  He's my
best friend and never leaves my side.  He is loving NYC and
everyone loves him.
Thank you so much.

Jan 2019  

Diana!  Hello,
I don't know if you remember or not but my girlfriend and I bought
Walter (Dallas) from you Oct. 3rd. (Pics attached:)) and literally
count'n't be happier.
He has an amazing temperment with other dogs, kids, and people in
general.  Truly just wants attention and love, which we love more than
anything as we have so much to give, he is spoiled in attention haha. An
absolutely lovable pup and very well trainable pup.

So!  My sister(and anyone interested in a bully) I send your way.  The
vets rave about the care and perfect stature of the dogs hips and front legs
and how great the dogs are cared for.  Our vet is a family friend and truly
raves about how well of a job you do with these bullies!  I believe, Natalie,
my sister, sent you an email already inquiring about him.  We would love to see
him and also if I can bring Walter out to revisit his family while we look at Boss,
if  at all applicable.  He's such a sweet boy.  Our family is addicted!

I hope your new year went well and everything is going great!  Give me a call if
you have any questions.  I plan to bring my mother as well and who knows
what will happen when she sees these sweet pups.
Hope all is well!  Blake A and Lexis W

January 2019

 Hello! I just wanted to send you a email about our Tinker. Its her 11th birthday today!!! I'm not sure if you remember her or not
cause its been so long but wanted to share some pictures of her. I can't believe she's 11 years old! She's been such a great blessing to us. 

 Yes! Absolutely you can share he photos. She's been extremely healthy all this time! Never have any issues with her heath, even my vet is surprised she's never had regular bullie issues. She's amazing. 

 My son Andrew and her have a special bond. Shes his dog, he takes her hunting with him and fishing. Of course she stays inside a warm or cold room but she loves going up north a d riding in the fishing boat💜 

 I always think of you especially on her birthday, so thought you would love to see her. Glad it made your day!!! Here's a couple more pics. Its hard not to send all the pictures I have lol..shes so adorable 

December 2018



We just wanted to give you an update on Kash!! He is coming up on his first birthday and is doing amazing!! He is now 55 pounds and absolutely

perfect!! We love him so much!! Thanks again for giving us an amazing experience!!


I wanted to give you an update on "Gwen", now our little Remi girl.
She had her first vet appointment today and everything came back glowing.
She's healthy, happy and growing so fast!

I also wanted to thank you, she has been such a blessing to our family.  She 
definitely keeps us on our toes with that huge
personality but I wouldn't have it any other way.
When she's not snuggled up with us, shes going crazy with her toys or hanging out with her new
kitty brother and sister (who are totally in love with her).
She's been doing such a great job potty training too.  I may be biased
but I think she's a puppy genius.

Again, thank you for bringing this bundle of joy into our lives. We're the proudest puppy parents around. :)

-Nathan and Chelsea

NOV 2018



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