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My name is Diana Jones, I was brought up from the day I was born in an AKC show ring, as I became older I worked with the trainers helping them to get their dogs ready for the ring. I have trained and shown dogs in show competition as well as trained for drug work, personal protection work, police work, search and rescue and worked with many police departments with their dogs.  I strive in my breeding program to keep the standard of the breed into the USA. I am committed to the breeds that I raise and only strive for the betterment of the breed. Because of my history with the AKC I am not only concerned with the conformation  but also the health of the dog.  I feel both are important to keep the breed standard in all breeds.  By browsing my puppies you can see I have selected some dogs that I feel I can more than achieve this with.

I have been raising English Bulldogs for 18+ years.  I feel that a Champion pedigree is important for the looks of the dog, but I do not breed a heavy champion pedigree due to health issues.  A lot of times a breeder that shows dogs will in breed them to get the best of the best for show only.  Not all of the time is a show breeder so much concerned about the health of the dog just the looks of the dog.  I am more concerned about the health of the dogs and what genetic qualities they produce.

I do not sell other peoples puppies.  Every female and male listed on my site is housed and over seen by me in my facility.  I do have a staff that helps me provide excellent care of all my adults and puppies.

All our puppies are very socialized and do not live their life in a cage.  We have 3 groups of children that come to our place on a weekly basis to play and socialize with our puppies.  Our females and male breeders are a part of my life.  They are exercised and have play time in the play yards as weather permits.  All puppies from the day they are born are raised in my home until they are old enough to go into their own area that is heated and cooled with their own play yard so they learn to go in and out on their own.   They are all loved and cared for as if they lived in my home 24/7.  My breeders are groomed on a regular basis and see a vet at least once a year for checkups and teeth cleanings.  My puppies are crate trained to the best of their ability at their age, they experience many things before they come to your home.  They are raised on carpet squares and are kept in heat and air-conditioning just as if in my home, though they do have their own home on my place.  They learn to go in and out a dog door even as a puppy.  I do not over breed my females and give them a rest in between breeding, I let them enjoy life without puppies hanging on them 24/7.  I retire my girls into homes after having a couple litters.  They are spayed or neutered and go to people that are approved by my standards.

Keep in mind I reserve the right to refuse anybody the purchase of one of our puppies.  You must meet MY requirements to purchase one of my puppies or dogs.


Graceland Kennel is also very committed to spaying and neutering pets.  I feel that in the event you choose to place your puppy elsewhere by surrendering it to a human society or rescue I require that you return the puppy to me so that I can find another suitable home for it. I hope that by doing this it will stop the purchase of that puppy by a puppy mill.  At any time, I will accept the puppy back if you cannot keep it or care for it, note when doing this I do not return any money, but will try to make pickup arrangements for it at my cost.   

As you have read, I am very committed to the quality of my dogs and thank you for taking the time to look at my web site, if I can help you find the right puppy or dog for you or your family, please contact me.

I do give lifetime support and training advise to all my customers.

Thank you for considering my puppies.

Diana Jones, Owner




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